AdaptCMS is a modern Content Management System, adaptable to any type of content website. In existence for now 6 years, AdaptCMS 3.0 uses the latest web technology. jQuery, Bootstrap, API functionality and the cakePHP Framework.

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Getting Started

Installation is a breeze! Start by uploading the files from the zip file and go to the site in your browser.

If you get all green messages, continue on and enter in your database information. If there are errors, correct them.

The tables and data will be loaded and then you will create the first account - the admin account. Enter in the details for your new account and you're done. New Framework, new look - but still super easy install!

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Why AdaptCMS?

There are so many CMS's out there and it's difficult to tell someone that a specific CMS is always the best - that's not the case. We've completely redone AdaptCMS to be better looking, more extendable and easier to use for all users. Here's a good guide on who should use our sysem so you can see if our cms fits for you:

  • The developer or user who knows a little PHP can do a lot in this new CMS. They can create simple plugins if they want, or just edit templates display a wide variety of data by taking advantage of great features like the unlimited article relationships or with blocks, showing most any kinds of data wherever you need it.
  • The staff member who needs to write articles, check comments and otherwise do lite maintenance on your website. Article posting is a snap, allowing users to select when there article goes live, tagging for articles, deep relationship of articles and easy file management.
  • The guest/basic member who can sign up and post in the forums (if you have the AdaptBB Plugin installed), make comments on articles and otherwise browse your website without any technical knowledge - the CMS provides and then stays out of the way.

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Support Resources

We try to help anyone that wants to use AdaptCMS as much as we can. You'll see above on getting started and how to install - those are the two we recommend first. You can check what support tickets have been submitted, or use github issue tracker if you prefer. For full documentation we have the documentation page and the API Docs for developers.

To keep track on what is going on with AdaptCMS you can follow @InsaneVisions on twitter , checkout the latest blogs to the right or the latest news.

About AdaptCMS

AdaptCMS is a Content Management System trying to be both simple and easy to use, as well as very agile and extendable. Not only so we can easily create Plugins/additions, but so other developers can get involved. Using CakePHP we are able to achieve this with a built-in plugin system and MVC setup, allowing us to focus on the details and end-users to focus on building their website to look and feel great.

It is released under the BSD License and currently requires MySQL, PHP 5.2.8+, Apache, GD and uses a few external libraries.

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One of the great things about the new AdaptCMS is the API functionality. Some of it is simple, retrieving the latest version and checking that against what you have - that is already in the current AdaptCMS. But it extends further - getting the latest plugin/themes and AdaptCMS news from the website for your admin homepage, retrieving plugin/theme information and automatic checking that your plugins and themes are up to date!

You can easily create your own plugin with a little PHP knowledge and at any time you can browse the API website here. You will find all approved plugins and themes - you can even submit your own, just fill out a little form and within a few days we'll checkout your plugin and assuming it doesn't try to hack a site - we'll approve it and you will get immediate exposure!

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